The Hunters Of Doom is often challenged for a survival match against rival clans.


Rules: 2 VS 2, Survival, 10 lives, 5 minutes, teamplay on, (radar on/off), damage medium, ALINOS PERCH

Let us know if you think your clan can beat ours! (no chance)

If you want to know what a CLムN WムR is check out the “About…“-Page on this site.

スョRム & W007Y


~ by huntersofdoom on March 14, 2007.

47 Responses to “CLムN WムRS”

  1. Sup bro. I play some hunters once and a while. I have no idea wtf my friend code is off hand, but I’ll definately play with you some time. Thanks for reading! I’m glad you like it!


  2. When you remember your friend code plz write it down here, joe!

    – feel free to come and visit my blog whenever you want ^^


  3. I say we go to war with apx for stealing clan members ì_í

  4. I totally agree, Vader! I think it’s a job 4 W007Y & Pais!
    BUT there is one problem… Where the HECK is Pais? I haven’t see him in a long time 😦


  5. hey guys i like ur web site its cool and also im a apx member but i really like being alone! If someone wants my fc is:0043-8492-2605 i used to be a famous bot farmer but when they stoled my ds lite at school no more! but im still am like the SF clan! if you leave your fc here ill come to this site again and get it ok?

  6. Has ap challenged us yet???I gave them the website adress…
    Maybe they dont wanna challnge us coz they will LOSE lol

  7. Apx_Sniper

    i challenge ur clan to a clan war i need ur fc’s so i can add u guys to own u….. there also is rules that apply to my clan to. “NO HACKING! AND DCING!” thanks ohh yeah dont forget the fc’s and no hacking!….challenge us there at the main page near the bottem…theres a little chat box. type ur wifi name as ur name and accept the challenge….unless ur “afraid” to fight us XD which is highly possible.

    ty! the wars tomorrow at 5:00 EST time zone…go to the site. accept then we’ll fight…dont be to scared now. the e-mail is wrong btw…i dont give out private information about me

  8. Apx_Sniper

    oh u guys think im scared!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? AP=abyssalpwnage!!!!!! we “pwn” every1 and we’ll prove it to! give me ur fcs here or on the clan site! u guys better be good cus we will win

    btw rebel said if we win she’ll join us and leave u so if u “need” her for ur clan u better pray ull win…this is not a threat btw….noobs

    Sniper ===[>

  9. Apx_Sniper

    we challenge hod…again to a clan war….i sent this same message on the other clan wars part of the site…the tourny is tomorrow so be readey


    mails fake…

  10. Pais is doing track after school now, no time for mph ;(

  11. Sniper-noob, U already have W007Y’s friendcode! Other codes (not all members have put ’em yet) can be found under !Hunters Of Doom-Blog! So, quit nagging! BTW u are gonna lose XD!

    The CLムN WムR will be arranged using this page!!!!
    More details later…


  12. Wow ive never heard so much trash from such a N00b clan. Ive played a few of your clan members and all they did was alt-spam and runaway. Actually I heard that your clan doesnt exist anymore, that everyone quit. We, at Hunters Of Doom, are a big family who would never abandon each other (well most of us anyway XD)

  13. hey W007Y ever get to play EDGE?

  14. uh… I can’t see him online 😦 …
    I’ll join ur game when he is in it 🙂


  15. That cant happen now Edge quit mph ,erased his file n broke his mph game 😦
    He was so awesome as well

  16. Hi, I´m kinda new to this game, but well here´s my friend code:


    Stop the fucking hacking..I don´t mind if you go into walls cuz I`LL FIND YOU THERE! Mwhahaha xD

  17. Welcome to The Hunters Of Doom, Platinum! ^^

    We zijn blij dat we nu ook iemand van ons buurland in onze clan hebben 🙂

    スョRム & W007Y

  18. Hehe yup, ´k speel nu ook veel vaker dan eerst omdat ´k wat frnds erbij heb ;]
    Goed om engels wat beter te leren xD

    Jeuj, maandag naar phantasialand, dan een proefwerkweerk en vakantie :]


  19. I think that u should to like the best out of three because it is more fair and in our case, its more pownage!

  20. HOD FTW ! XD

    Much more fun with some frnds in the game which you can talk with 😀

    -Nog even en vakantie 😛

  21. Yay, vakantie! Enkel nog 2 weken doorbijten (examens)

  22. -_- dutch/french/ whatever the crap your speaking is for pansies! *takes out magmaul and burninates all the europeon hod members*

    *dodges all of the imp shots*

    *runs away >.>*

  23. haha

  24. LOL! XD


  25. typisch Amerikaans xD

  26. mhmm 😛

    maar hij´s echt wel vet hè xD

  27. *has a feeling that meant “stupid Americans”* >___________________>

  28. It meant “typical for Americans” 😀


  29. Yup and I said

    “mhmm but he´s rly cool eh”


  30. but the apx is kinda a cool clan beside its my fault they joined the apx! cuz when i created the LH_ they joined me and i erased my file then they left to the APX

  31. >______> *has a feeling thats not what you said fire*

    *slaps fire*

    *runs away*

  32. Pimp, maybe you didn’t notice that APX & LH are dead?! The Hunters Of Doom beat them both! 😀




  34. *senses sarcasm*

    *takes out saber *

    *decapitates fire*


  36. Dear HOD members!

    There won´t be ANY clan wars for about 2-3 weeks, cause ZERA and W007Y will be on holiday!

    Thanks for the understanding.


  37. pimp hows the “project” going?

  38. good

  39. ~DQ~RedSun challenged us to a clan war next week

    DQ -> Death Quake

  40. When will it take place next week?

    スョRム & W007Y

  41. I dunno I was in game with someone else but that person didnt want to make us add -.- so we prolly hv to wait for that person.. rofl

    I´ll tell you when I know 😛

  42. they dont want it

  43. Why? Are they scared? 😛

  44. Do you want a ClanWar against The Mavericks (Clantag = A1) ?

    Fire A1

  45. Gelukkig Nieuwjaar 2008!

  46. Hey so this is where Hangs right? Well I might challenge you guys to a clan war. That is if you can play 1vs1 matches in a war and make it non imp. Also I hope if this happens I can play because I will film him disconecting on me this time 😉 Because I just happen to miss all 9 other times when he has disconected on me.

  47. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Privateness.

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