!The Hunters Of Doom blog!

Hi, I’m <=スョR=> the webmaster of this little blog & one of the two leaders of the succesful MPH-clan, The Hunters Of Doom!

5* Samus
Friendcode: 3178-9953-3781


~ by huntersofdoom on February 28, 2007.

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  1. Hi,
    i’m W007Y (the other leader of The Hunters Of Doom)
    There will be more info about our clan soon on this blog!

    5* Trace
    Friendcode: 1332-1657-5158

  2. Soon all our members’ names will be here on this page (yay)
    (–> so to all of you write your MPH names below…)

    If there are other gamers who wish to contact The Hunters Of Doom, you can all ask 4 friendcodes and stuff right here 😀

  3. Falken
    Member of The Hunters of Doom
    4* Samus
    Friend code 1718-7699-9053

  4. タもBもし キAîィん
    Member of The Hunters of Doom
    5* Samus and Trace
    Friend Code: 4854-1022-5568

  5. リ。わム リ。らんエ
    Member of The Hunters of Doom
    4* Trace/Kanden
    Friend Code: 4682-4584-7907

  6. C00L3R
    Member of the Hunters of Doom
    Friend Code:4167-0063-2584

  7. C00L3R
    the site i gave in isn’t my site.
    i didn’t even know it existed so if u go to my site , know that its not mine 🙂 i typed a false one
    in real i don’t have 1 but i thought i couldnt send a message without typing a site so…

  8. C00L3R
    even if i type ‘none’ by “website” it gives a link to a website that i havent so i give a website of dsparty.
    (zera, if u can, please change “website so u dont have to give a website” cause its really annoying for people who have no site :))

  9. COOL3R, you don’t need to fill in a website 😀
    If U want to place a comment just fill in Ur Metroid name & E-mail adress then it should be OK ^^


    I’m trying to make this page a FriendCode page 🙂 (every member should put their FC’s here)
    WHY? If you ever lose someones code, you can Re-add them here ^^

    Feel free to use this blog for questions, clanwar dates, friendcodes & more

  10. GORョム
    Member of The Hunters Of Doom
    4* Sylux
    Friendcode: 4596-3347-5387

  11. I am not quiting. Zorro has returned…4 star samus, spire, sylux… 0816-8110-8210

  12. Zera and W007y can u guys readd me i cant see you online anymore.

  13. Sorry W007y about the misunderstanding. When I said everyone is quiting I didnt mean i was

  14. Vader, when you u can’t see us online anymore u should:
    delete us,
    then delete about three others (three rivals),
    then re-add us (friendcodes are on top of this page)

    (but we’ll re-add u to be sure ^^)


  15. Does anyone know slayers fc ?

    He turned into a rival and i wanna readd him.

  16. What the crap!?! nintendo wifi is down! :O! No one can get on! This better not be an april fools prank! ì_í

  17. Slayer doesn’t even want to visit the site… He doesn’t trust it! (What a GEEK! XD)

    If one of ur friends turns into a rival, u can find their codes here ^^ (… but not if it’s Slayer XD)


  18. did rebel quit ? and did anyone else have wifi problems on april 1st?, rebel said she also did /:

  19. I had wi-fi problems too… And yeah, R3BEL quit but C00L3R and I already pwned her and her new N00BY-clan! 😀



  21. falken re-add me plz…we turned to rivals…again -_____-

  22. i wanna go higher in the hod rankinglist so I
    challenge BRUTE and if possible GOREA and TF-IHK 🙂

  23. O ye, w007y can u be judge when we fight?:d

  24. btw , zera, your hour on the site isn’t right , cause the last thing i sent was not at 3:26 pm but at 5:26 pm :)lol

  25. C00L3R,

    I’d love to watch the fight ^^
    Does Brute know about it already?


  26. Yeah, I know the clock on our site is wrong but I don’t know how to change it yet… XD


  27. well err…in a match today with me and yoda vs cooler, i killed cooler 5 times, he killed me only once 🙂

  28. This is Levi Hi.
    Member of the Hunters Of Doom
    2* Trace
    Friend Code: 1761-8125-8092

  29. Klck yoda out now! he did it again! Tie match and he killed falken at the last second. He has no excuse this time he tied it up when i shot at the ground then he killed him! i lost 20 points from d/cing! 😡


  31. Ignore the above 2 statements i made

  32. [IMG]http://i118.photobucket.com/albums/o111/Brennan_Portz/vader.jpg[/IMG]

  33. Sweet thanx yoda! :DDD

  34. yoda’s stats

  35. How did u get them liscence things???

  36. i wanna see wooty’s rank 😀

  37. i am good

  38. vaders stats above

  39. 138th in the world! woot woot! 😀

  40. the new stats

  41. Sorry wooty about d/c 😦 when you said something in dutch about tie i thought you meant TO tie -_-

  42. Which members stats are those ???

  43. W007Y look at the pretty logo i made for us

  44. looky

  45. O_o last one = best, but the font is pretty hard to read /:

  46. DEVIL
    Member of The Hunters of Doom
    fc:3522 7498 9358

  47. new logo i made

  48. It’s even better than the previous logo ^^

    What do the others think about it?


  49. Awesome logo yoshi keep up the good work they are looking really good

  50. it would be awsome if you just make it the right half : |

  51. happy you picky little hunters heres two more logos

  52. 1st one is best i think its looks awesome

  53. Both awsome! *gives yoda high 5*


  54. im re-doing my fc post…

  55. (previously Zorro, Vader, BRUTE and NPV (=NinjaPieVader))

    5* sylux (Hunter of choice is samus -_____-)

    member since september 2006

    fc : 0816-8110-8210

  56. ? it cut off my post! /=

  57. should have said :

    (previously , , and

  58. ! what the!?!

  59. ok my name is before that…

  60. ITS sensoring my names! :O

    my name is without spaces

  61. >:O what is going on here!?! my name is …without all the spaces

  62. I fixed ur comments, Vader ^^
    It sometimes happens that the site sensors the names… 😦


  63. i got pokemon pearl so i might not be playing mph as much anymore 😦

  64. arrrggghhhh pokemon is sooooo gay XD

  65. I got pokemon dimond i might not be playing metroid anymore. i am finally glad you guys like the logos now hopfully you guys use the logos


  66. y is everyone getting pokemon!!!!???????
    arrrgghhhh it SUXS!

  67. pokemon > mp:h

  68. lookey a halo ds picture

  69. They didn’t make the game (Halo DS) but there were plans for it! It would have a gameplay like Metroid Prime Hunters ^^
    Halo DS would really rule XD


  70. To NPV & YODA

    U guys still need to keep training on MPH to keep up your rank ^^


  71. kk zera

    btw halo ds = never going to happen since microsoft has exclusive control over halo. unless bungie feels like switching to nintendo, halo will remain on the x-box ;-;…but good news is that its happened before. with age of empires 2 the age of kings (was an exclusive microsoft pc game) but they decided to make a version for the ds so it isnt an exclusive microsoft game anymore 😀 (btw i would put it on my top 5 favorite ds games 🙂 )

  72. スョRム, I get on every day for about 15 miniutes but you or W007Y are never on you need to make an official clan practice time. Like our time I am posting this my time at 1:50 pm so please make an official practice time so I can maintain my rank.
    Are you guys going to use the logo I spent a lot of time making for the HOD? If not tell me cuz I need the space on my account it’s on. SO ARE YOU GOING TO USE IT?

  73. the few times ive gone on online mph no one else was on…whats going on here! XD

  74. Vader are u at the pokemon boards at gamefaqs???

  75. btw im making a vid of mph if u wanna be in it just tell meh 😛

  76. yes faith, sometimes, but the message boards move to quickly for d/p…right after I post something and re-load it, it goes down 5 pages XD

  77. movie! montage? will you put it on youtube or something? I really wanna be in it @_@

  78. yeh ill put it on youtube if it looks good 😛 its gonna be a montage type thing n i need loads of ppl to be in it. Soo u gonna be in it Vader????

  79. 😀 sure but…time = problem (time zones)

  80. oh and faith is your name Sl_phoenix now? because gamefaqs…thread…

  81. キAîィん, I would like to be in your movie too!^^ I think it would be cool if I place it on this site when it’s finished 😀


  82. I think YODA’s got a point there… Maybe The Hunters Of Doom needs an official
    “ClムN PRムCT!Sョ ィ!Mョ” (Clan practise time)


  83. im not sl_phoenix that guys a noob XD

  84. Hi Webmaster of Hunters of Doom

    Pleased to meet you in here! What a phantasy and creativity. Could I become a member of your Clan? Or am I already a member on behalve of my nature (see that good old GG-film about school life – you know what I mean?)? I wish you veryveryvery good luck in the most peaceful and beautiful world that can be.
    jb TSM

  85. You are welcome to join The Hunters Of Doom, jb! 😀
    I’ve added The Sausage Machine (TSM) to my Blogroll

    Hoe meer zielen, hoe meer vreugde! 🙂


  86. Sausage machine

    *waits for falken to finish it*

  87. 😀


  88. I hate exams -______________-

  89. VADER!!! When u gonna start playin mph again ???

  90. hey its yoda i want to know when are any of you ever online?

  91. ill be online a lot this week coz we got a weeks holiday from skool 🙂

  92. im playing mph and pokemon both right now. Im switching on and off. btw mph > pokemon 😀

    yeah id like to know when wooty and zera are on because only faith, panda, and dark heart or something are ever on when I am

  93. We are playing less MPH now because of our final exams …
    in 3 weeks from now they will be over ^^

    We are also playing other games more like:

    Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters (W007Y)
    Tekken: Dark Ressurection (スョRム)

    スョRム & W007Y

  94. :O… you guys arent gonna believe me… I FOUND GARRETT OVER GOOGLE!!! his myspace!!! I added him and talked with him. He said that his ds broke and he should be getting a new on next week. And he wants to rejoin !!! 😀

  95. HOD it erased it

  96. Woo7y, i’M BACK… ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Get on so I can pay you

  97. my f/c is 4510-5332-3260
    hope to play all of u soon!

  98. I will be on wifi and on this website for about 2 more hours w007y, so hurry up and respond!

  99. IS BACK!!! 😀

  100. *Pais is back!!! 😀

  101. Pais is finally back! 😀

  102. umm who is Garrett???

    Pais is back!? i need to re -add him XD

  103. my name is bio*link and i want to try out for the hod MY Code is 219144851847

  104. my name is bio*link and i want to try out for the hod MY Code is 219144851847 ok

  105. I wonder if u can tell if some1 else is on the website?

  106. W007y, I hope u get on this evening. I would like to play u today.

  107. bio link wants to try out? cool he’s a decent sylux. but for some reason I have him as a rival twice XD.

  108. if u r on w007y, i would like u to go to npv’s game. I’m there

  109. I’m not going to be on wi-fi today because of a halo tourtement at a local store. I will gone all day. Sorry.

  110. Hey ppl, here´s my FC:

    3308 0680 3165

    If you add me leave a reply with your FC , I´ll check every now and the nand add you ;]

  111. bio*link, we’ll test ur MPH-skill as soon as possible so u can join The Hunters Of Doom!
    (We haven’t add u yet … But we soon will)
    スョRム & W007Y

  112. Monday I’ll be doing my first exam: Dutch
    No time to play now … 😦

    In two weeks all my final exams will be done! 😀


  113. Hi Pais,
    i didn’t delete you so i can still join your games and you can still join my games ^_^

    i’ll see you on metroid prime hunters 🙂

  114. han (off of gamefaqs) this is the correct blog. You dont have to fill anything out for website. Feel free to post 😀

  115. Your message probably wont show up till W007Y or Zera checks it. But they probably will by today.

  116. im going to join my name fc is. mph code:2405-9177-7945

  117. If Raven still is on this site sometimes, hey! xD

    I added you and I´d like if you added me too..
    Weird thing is; I can´t join your games o.o


  118. Hi Hansalvato and bio link ,

    i’ve added u guys and if u don’t got my fc yet , this is it : 1332-1657-5158

    i hope to battle u guys sometime

  119. hello

  120. ay body

  121. i registered you

  122. im on right now

  123. woo7y

  124. hello any body there

  125. woo7y werer are you

  126. im playing right now come play

  127. come one

  128. pais yoda npv were are you

  129. what time is woo7y on

  130. hay

  131. anybody on

  132. come one anser

  133. hi

  134. hello

  135. blah

  136. hi

  137. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  138. http://www.huntersofdoom.wordpress.com

  139. I want to have my spot back in the rankings, so plz put me in them.

  140. hi bio-link,

    We will have a match sometimes, i’m trying to get on as much i can but i got final exams so i’ve got less time to play ->. VACATION !! Yay to the vacations :p


  141. oh no! … some of my words fell out of my comment XD

    i wanted to say : ‘after the exams : VACATION !!

    lol :p


  142. Pais,
    you will get your rank back if u r still as good as you used to be.

    let’s have a match to test u 🙂


  143. i want to be tested

  144. hello can you here me

  145. w007y register me

  146. woo7y what time are you usaly one

  147. my fc is 2191-4485-1847

  148. Im realy geting ticked
    _ _
    ‘ ‘

    ‘ Cry…

  149. __

  150. _ _
    o o

  151. _ _
    o o

  152. _ _
    o o

  153. sorry about that nervas break down

  154. im beder

  155. im going to bet my head in

  156. fff

  157. yawn

  158. i wat to be tested

  159. still whating

  160. hay hansalvato

  161. me to and wait ijust noticed he took me off his friends list!arg

  162. me to and wait i just noticed he took me off his friends list!arg

  163. me too and wait i just noticed he took me off his friends list!

  164. me too and wait i just noticed he took me off his friends

  165. he took me off his friends !

  166. this is boring

  167. boring

  168. this is why i dont join clans

  169. hfhgxfhdfgshfg

  170. whant my freind code

  171. Omfg stop the spamming you morons

  172. http://freewebs.com/hansalvato2

  173. hi hi hi

  174. go to my website http://freewebs.com/hansalvato2

  175. bio link you can be on my friends whatsmph youre code mine is mph code:2405-9177-7945

  176. hi yes

  177. its 2191-4485-1847

  178. Stop the spamming, morons

  179. can you see this

  180. woo7y hello

  181. rofl gmony you guys must have been really bored. W007Y you should test em b4 they die from boredom XD.

  182. dang im bored… hey wooty, may I challenge some gamefaqs clans to some clan wars? I sense raw carnage >:)

  183. hey whats up all

  184. yo can i get in the clan be cause im very good and also i can help out my code is 1933-6153-0823 and dude l;et me in

  185. I is still bored

    wooty needs to test you guys soon -_-

  186. fellow hod members and dear friends, I come to you in shame and with a heavy heart. These last 9 months together have been fun but I am finally done with hod. Id rather not go into details but trust me, I am no traitor. I am not leaving to join another clan. It is much more deep than that. I sadly forfeit my symbols. Goodbye friends. I love you all

  187. o.o

  188. april fools 😀

    *doesnt care that its june*


  190. kapotlachen

  191. 😀

  192. which members are re-joining???

  193. Fellow hod members i am terbably sorry to say that i am finshed with the hod. i am finshed for good because of my dear friend NPV. Me and NPV have lost trust and grew hatred between us ever since i joined the hod. And i want to be good friends with NPV the hod is a great clan but i am moving on because of all the trust and respct i have lost with NPV as long as NPV is a member i feel that i cannot join your clan because to me NPV’s friendship is more important, and i don’t want to ruine it. I hope you don’t see me as a traitor after all i have put everyone of you through i am sorry for quitting the hod and i don’t plan on re-joining the hod. i hope all of my former hod members can remain friends.
    sorry once again

  194. Are you serious ?

    i don’t get it XD NPV and u r friends … so why can’t u battle as a partner with him?

    before u get really kicked out
    and if u mean it , u r telling BULLSHIT !
    losing friendship cuz u r in da same clan?!


  195. thats garbage yoda, you quit because you were gonna get ratted on after using your ar * on everyone. Your ar and cheating habbits is the only thing that causes conflict. 😡


    *AR = Action Replay, a device that is used to cheat (added by: スョRム)

  196. Beatriz, we need to test your skills so you can join The Hunters Of Doom! ^^

    btw MY EXAMS ARE FINALLY OVER!!!! *yay!* 😀 (since yesterday)


  197. yea Yoda you hacked me and Trem the other day using AR in a no tie match so you wouldnt lose your points / stars

  198. He hacked against me too, in a “tie” match; he killed me 10 times and then got himself 5 times only .. But well I told him to stop it, so next match we wud play without hacking, what did yoda do? kill me with the omega..

    Yesterday I re-added him cuz he started new or sumthing, and I can´t log into WFC anymore o.o
    You know; it says “please wait a moment, blabla”, and then my screen freezes..

    I´m not saying it´s his fault tho lol

  199. yo can i get in the clan be cause im very good and also i can help out my code is 1933-6153-0823 and dude l;et me in


    Seems like we hv a lil emperor here XD

  200. beatriz what is your rank, wifi games and hunter of choice? just wondering :P. But yeah weve been getting a lot of green horns lately (besides fire) itd be cool to get some more pre cooked hunters (if you know what i mean) here 😀

  201. wooty/ zera, why doesnt gorea ever play? Hes never ever online…

  202. Doesn´t anyone know how I can fix my problem?:(

  203. I don’t know the solution, キェRE … Maybe W007Y knows


  204. Hope so… Cuz I want to get into the rankings :>

  205. And jus say Fire, not ??RE 😛

  206. YOUR COMPUTER CAN’T READ JAPANESE SIGNS?! It says “Fire” using your real Metroid Prime Hunters-name … 😀
    Hebt gij nen ouwe computer? Dan kome er vraagtekens.


  207. It’s true, GORョム is rarely online 😦


  208. jah er komen vraagtekens maar oud is de pc niet..

    die tekentjes zijn niet ingesteld lol

  209. ok dan 😛
    ‘t is spijtig want die tekentjes zijn best wel cool ^^


  210. Hello people,

    some motherfucking hacker hacked me.. I couldn´t log into the Nintendo WFC anymore, and had to delete EVERYTHING.. yay..

    I´m a lil 1 star noob again, with 1 minute total gaming time

    But my new FC starts with “1332” , w007y´s FC too so it´s a sign and means I`ll become as pr0 as him! XD


    That´s my new FC, I hope I get the HOD members back again.
    Tell me when you added me, I´ll check every now and then..

    I lost some REALLY REALLY cool friends cuz of this hacker..
    Sanctum7 & Br€admastr were the coolest.

    I can understand if you hack cuz you´re a noob and want to win a bit.. But why do you hv to hack someone´s gamecard so you can´t log in anymore? Pathetic hackers!

  211. amen to that , Fire

    im adding u right now




  213. add me… fire and tell me exactly what the problem was…

  214. I added you , pais, wooty and zera yet

    But I don´t see anyone online >

  215. Stupid “post cutters” lol

    “But I don´t see anyone online >


    “But I don´t see anyone online ,
    it says you have to add me”

  217. I made up a game – need to pee now haha

  218. Well arr I have to go..
    I´ll be online tomorrow tho

  219. I’ll add u too!

    スョRム (= Zera)

  220. Why do all the 4stars disconnect if I win 😦
    I want my 4star rank back lol

    And thanks 😛

  221. oh ik zie net dat je net hebt gepost.. kom je ff online?:P

  222. Wie? W007Y of ik?


  223. Allebei 😛

    Wouter was online maar moest eten.. en toen ´k trg kwam joinde hij m´n game niet 😛

  224. Aww.. I thought the “freezing” problem solved itself cuz I restarted..but no 😦

  225. Sorry, I have still yet to add you.

  226. Yeah I saw; but I hv a question:

    in your hunterlicense, ub the left top cornerm there is a medal and it is either bronze, silver or gold.

    When does it get bronze/silver or gold?

    Cuz I had a gold one on my old HL, and I vh a bronze one now x.x

  227. fire, I added u, so add me


  228. I added you already 😉

    can you come online now?

  229. TO ZERA & W007Y:

    I suggest you make an apart cathegory where people ONLY post their names in game and friendcodes, so it´s more clear.
    (Like if you want to add someone you don´t hv to scroll down this whole thread to find their FC´s XD)

  230. Hey pais if you´re still here, I can´t see NPV online nor see any game of him :Z

  231. Good idea, Fire!


  232. *Friendcode-Page is ready for use!*

    Be sure to put your Friendcode (FC) on it! 😀


  233. Glad to help 🙂

  234. fire, npv still didnt add u, I talked to him online

  235. This weekend we won’t be online …

    スョRム & W007Y

  236. fire do u think i should be put a rank ahead of npv?

  237. I dunno, he´s good, you are good too 😛

    but he´s more like pwning with the magmaul XD

  238. but i can imp very well. as long as i can beat him, that is what matters

  239. True lol

    I never played against him when he used the imp tho so I can´t rate that

  240. he uses imp every once in a while, but he likes to use a variety of weapons, unlike me

  241. hehe yeah switching weaps is funny.. like if you play as trace in the combat hall in “find a game”, you use the magmaul a few shots and then you switch to the imp, they don´t expect that ..
    you´d try that it´s funny XD

  242. i suck with any weapon other than imp. falken is right that i’d be a noob if imp weren’t there!:p

  243. hehe I wish the imp wudn´t be there 😀

  244. i bet u would do bad if the imp wasn’t there, we could be the noob partners. 🙂

  245. hahahaha I can pwn with the magmaul 😀

    or the juicycator cuz it reflects on walls so I still hit when I miss 8)

  246. i cant do any of those although Shadow Freezing is fun.:)

  247. ya especially against noobs who don´t jump LOL

  248. virus=new name

  249. -_- pais if you dont recall i beat you when I didnt do an imp match against you. As in you were trace I was sylux, I used other things besides imp…

  250. who the heck is noo8ie!?

  251. whoa lotsa posts.
    how come i never see zera on anymore, it kinda sucks just fighing W007y all the time and loosing

  252. and W007y i need to re add you by the way,
    i have your fc, mine is 1718 7699 9053

  253. sunny_gustin@hotmail.com

  254. N008iE is YODA!


  255. pimp=virus?!
    the action replay subscription virus?

  256. *put your Friendcodes on Friendcode-Page!*

  257. Ik ga waarschijnlijk proberen de wifiusbconnector te reïnstalleren .
    Hopelijk lukt het :S .Wanneer zijn jullie meestal on,zera,w007y,gorea?

  258. Hi HOD

    Nice, nice! Nu maar ff in een van di’e andere talen: machtig, prachtig die pimping of opleuking met de films en het logo! Neen, TSM is jullie niet vergeten! Nog eens bedankt, trouwens voor jullie tekst die ik nog niet eens heb kunnen openen. Maar jullie mogen binnenkort een TSM-post over jullie blog verwachten! Ondertussen moesten jullie dringend ook eens gaan kijken – en ik raad aan van te volgen (de feeds vind je boven de TSM-blogroll!) – naar wat Margreet van den Berg en haar zoon Martijn van den Berg, gamespecialisten uit Nederland, over games reviewen en adviseren. Margreet legt daarbij wel de nadruk op de ‘implementatie’ van games in het onderwijs, maar ik durf te geloven dat het voor jullie ook interessa

  259. (vervolg) Hi HOD
    … nt is van op de hoogte te blijven van die ‘stand van zaken’. Margreet van den Berg is trouwens samen met Wilfred Rubens (je kent hem wel, Zera!) van Technology Enhanced Learning en Elke Das van Elke’s Blog een van on,ze grote experteninspiratoren en -mentoren:
    http://ict-en-onderwijs.blogspot.com (Margreet),

    By the way, hebben jullie ook al ‘gestemd’ op ‘aantwaarpe’? (Zie de blogroll van TSM …)

    Heel veel succes en tot binnenkort!

    janien (Benaets) van TSM en HST

    PS! Doen jullie niet mee aan de schrijfwedstrijd voor NTU? Kijk op de wiki – er is nog niets – jullie zouden er een ‘virtuele’ Nederlandse les van kunnen maken, naar gamemodel! Doén – je kunt ook via deze weg ‘reclame’ maken voor jullie Hunters od Doom – en iedereen kan meeschrijven, ook je Nederlandstalige members (!) of clanleden!!! Iedereen schrijft! Go for it; the wiki is open http://janien.wikispaces.com

  260. yes falk. im virus!!!!!

  261. my fc is in the fc page so plz add me !!!(i added you all!!!)

  262. i bet u didn’t add me…anyway wuz up! i havnt been here 4 too long. when i am on (12:00-3:00) @ night noone is ever on. hmm it’s a wonder. Anyways ill try to be on more.

  263. btw it’s not 7:55. it’s 3:56

  264. LEVI, go to Friendcode-Page … No wonder he didn’t add u …
    I know the time on this site is not correct 😦


  265. Dear friends,by this way I want to say goodbye because I probably can’t ever go on nintendo wifi anymore.
    I am very sorry especially to Zera and W007y and Gorea who trained me to a high level but my nintendowifiusbconnector doesn’t work anymore. I will still visit this site though.

  266. i use your AR subscription to kill cheater , nice job 🙂

  267. Hello Hunters Zera & Co
    No, I haven’t forgotten my promise … TSM is thinking of you and in the meanwhile surfing to you, as you can see here and now. Have a good time!

  268. Hebt u de mail over HOD al kunnen openen?


  269. i added you pimp
    and gorea
    and fire
    come on so we can talk soon

  270. eh I added you when I had to restart already
    only saw you online once though..

  271. Is anyone getting the TRANSFORMERS game, and which one?XD

  272. Starting this weekend, we won’t be online for 2 weeks because we will be on holiday!

    スョRム, W007Y & GORョム

  273. I will be on holidays for 3 weeks on 22th of Juli!

    FIRE, FIRE & FIRE once again!


  274. so i will be temporary leader?
    please explain how i can be good leader!

  275. Why would you become a “temporary” leader?…
    If we´d choose a temporary leader I´d say it´d be vader…

  276. W007y said i would be if they were away for more than a week
    and why vader? all he does is he says ‘im doing the dishes’ and then never comes back for ages…

  277. You´d go do the dishes then XD
    But atleast NPV is on much.. you´re not x.x

    But even when you´re the “temporary” leader W007Y and ZERA are my leaders 😀

  278. hey

  279. hi there

  280. hey wat ur fc


    I made another great friend of mine join 😀
    His new name:

    Zelfde verhaal W007Y & ZERA, als jullie er problemen mee hebben zeggen jullie ´t maar 🙂

    By the way, I will leave Juli 22th, and come back Agust 12th or a bit earlier!

  282. it cut my post x.x

    His new name:

    And I made another one join;

    Same story; if you don´t like it say it lol

  283. what the !

    His new name is

  284. Ok… is his new name

  285. Ok fuck it I give up

  286. and I just realize that it cut my post totally.. Before the
    “TO ALL HOD MEMBERS, AGAIN XD:” I wrote that I let a good friend join and that his new name is

    W007Y & ZERA, “test” hem en zeg ´t als jullie nie willen dat hij joint hè..

  287. Maybe I should try without the HOD signs.. rofl

    New names: Toxic, Bread & Demon

    If it worked, yay.. lol

  288. you have to ask a leader if someone can join. if he hasnt been aproved by the leaders (temporairily me) then he has to take the clan symbols OFF.

  289. ya no symbols!!!!

  290. sorry I havn’t been on lately, I ‘ve been playing xbox and pokemon. I will not be on very often at all any more because I find these other games more fun but I might be on every once in a while.

  291. Wat vonden jullie van de HOD-guestblogpost op TSM? Of staat er hier al ergens iets … Of zijn jullie (beetje, beetje veel, erg) teleurgesteld over de presentatie? Héél véél succes en plezier!

    Veel zonnige (vandaag 11 augustus 2007 Antwerpen) vakantiegroetjes

    Your teacher
    Janien Benaets

    PS Over die andere strijd, die vanaf 1 september, spreken we nu nog niet, niet??

  292. http://janien.wordpress.com/2007/07/17/tsm-starring-the-hunters-of-doom-a-dizzling-guestpost

    Vergeten te plakken in vorige reactie …

    By the way … Kun jij misschien je LPF opsturen, Dieter? Dan kan ik het op TSM zetten.


    PS Met excuus, dat ik op deze spannende en prachtige blog over zaken als LPF begin. Ik durfde het al niet voluit noemen.

  293. Doe mee met extreme.PONG! Wél voor 20 augustus 2007! Eender wat!! Mag zeer eenvoudig en kort. Succes! Kijken jullie op TSM? Groetjes

  294. FIRE IS BACK 😀

  295. Jesus I´m pro at troublemaking.. I just checked the FC-page in case there´s a new member and I saw I doubleposted -__-

    Wouter/Zera, zouden jullie dat aub voor me kunnen deleten?XD

  296. Is th clan disappearing?…

  297. i cant see this page on my playstation 3 0.o

  298. What the hell´s happening to the clan..

  299. The clan is still alive!

    Hebt gij al de guestpost op TSM gezien, Fire?
    (een beetje naar boven scrollen en ge vind de link wel ^^)


  300. nee

  301. wtf man! kick je me nou uit de clan ofwat? alleen omdat ik de symbols niet in m´n naam had?!

  302. ge wordt niet uit de clan gekickt ^^


  303. *Another Music-Page added!*
    (Nickelback – Rockstar (Uncensored))

  304. Iggy Pop – Weasels


  305. Gratz little jonnie (NPV :D) to your 8th birthday!

    SOULJA BOY IS “#*@€)§$& 😀

  306. This comment is here a little late but what the heck:

    “Happy birthday to you, in de wei staat een koe en die koe zegt I love you, happy birthday to you!!” 😀

    (To our dear member of the HOD-family: NinjaPieVader)

    This comment should have been here the 16th of September (NPV’s birthday) Hint: y’all can still wish him a happy birthday! XD ^^

    スョRム, W007Y, GORョム, ス0タN1K & FIRE

  307. my cousin amy is borrowing my game card for a while, she isnt rebel/raven..whatever her name may be now..
    be nice if you see her!

  308. You’ll get a different friendcode if you let that happen!! :O
    Everyone will have to re-add you then… 😦



  310. Jon what´s with your ds?XD

  311. Yeah well my ds is teh kaput broken -___-, but I should be getting a new one in a couple days, hopefully this one will last more than 2 months *double depressed emoticon* V___V

    Mein NDS ist schlecht scheiss… 😀

  312. XD

    I hv an US version now my new fc is

  313. fellow hod members and dear friends, I come to you in shame and with a heavy heart. These last (14 fixd) months together have been fun but I am finally done with (mph fixd). Id rather not go into details but trust me, I am no traitor. I am not leaving to join another clan. But to play another game, you know how i was going to get a new ds? well… a 360, xbox live and halo 3 sounded better (ive said this about 7 times now -_-) It is much more deep than that (<- no not really, ignore that last sentence) I sadly forfeit my symbols (<- ignore that too) I’ll still be on to talk n stuff I just can’t play… I love you all ( <- ignore that one also you all are stinky europeon wankers who play ds too much!) ( <- ignore that last parenthesis sentence, you guys are awsome and you’ll always be in my heart!) blech that makes me wanna barf! freakn disney channel brain washing me!

    Who said copy and paste was good for nothing? 😀

  314. rofl npv XD

  315. does any of your games freeze once connected to wifi? -help-

  316. Sorry that we respond this late, but better late than never!
    Only the clansite was out of use for a while. We were still playin’ the game nearly each day!

    NPV, you needn’t leave the clan because you say you don’t have a DS anymore… You can still be a member of the clan. You will always be a true Hunter Of Doom!
    We know you you’ve been online lately on MPH, because we saw that your nickname has changed, so why don’t you join our games sometimes to talk with us? We really want you to be online!

    スョRム & W007Y

  317. Falken, if this keeps happening, then tell us again. Do not delete your profile!


  318. I get a lot of 87001’s lately 😦


  319. You guys are never on when I’m on… and I have no patience or attention span (unless im on the toilet) to sit and wait when i have my halo 3 @.@

  320. Hey NPV gimme your fc 😀

  321. You can now visit the CLムN RムNK!NGS & DョムR イRム!イ0RS -page because they have recently been updated!

    (For those who haven’t noticed it, a few posts & pages have been rewritten in the font we all use on Metroid Prime Hunters! Nice isn’t it? :D)

    スョRム & W007Y

  322. i dont know if any one has got it .but my ds haz been brokn 4 a long time now.so……….i hope 2 get one this holeday

  323. im da の最も良いハッカー wooty と zera

  324. npv’s back? his names bread for some reason..


  326. hi !!! i’m new . i’m 5* sylux .

  327. new e-mail:jugganaut@live.com

  328. hay atomik!!nvp do u still play on line!?

  329. hello.
    does anyone know where W007Y or zera are? boring being the only person on all the time

  330. hey its been a while and i just wanted to say whats up i have not played with most of you in metriod for a while and just wanted to say hit me up with a email. i got a xbox 360 and started playing xbox live i now play all of the most popular games such as halo 3, call of duty 4, rainbow six vegas, rainbow six vegas 2 and many more like i said its been a while btw i am YODA if you guys ever get xbox live hit me up my gamertag is TW Shockwave

  331. yoda give us your email and we can talk to u/play

  332. give us email yoda

  333. Xbox360 SUCKS
    PS3’s better (i have one)

  334. i thank i will get a ds sòóñ. Ö

  335. fc=3952-7914-8729

  336. Pimp, we will add u to our friendslist soon! We’re glad to have u back! (did u add us yet? see FriendCode-Page)

    We’re not online very often because we have loads of work for school to do each day and the final exams are getting closer … During the summer holidays we’ll (hopefully) have more time.

    BTW: Our clan is now also active on other games (details later) to make the Hunters Of Doom well known around the world as a universal clan!

    スョRム & W007Y

  337. what games? PC ones i hope because they have loads more possibilities than consoles or handheld stuff..
    eg. http://www.xfire.com/video/2744/

  338. falken.i saw u on the other day but u got rite off.

  339. oh and i meet amy on world wide,u guys need to play more!=]

  340. wooty i made afriend and u let him in hod and i want u to play so u can test him or something.i thamk his good tho

  341. your FC doesnt work for me pimpz0r

  342. ok. heres my fc= 3952-7914-8729. ok every 1 add me. i already added u guys.

  343. hi. im the friend that pimp added to HOD. i would like to add all of u guys. here is my fc.


  344. woody. u guys need to play more and at some points my name will be pimp or hod signutre.but i still am in hod. and my friend m3tr0 just left a text here.

  345. woody. u guys need to play more and at some points my name will not be pimp or in hod signutre.but i still am in hod. and my friend m3tr0 just left a text here.

    ignore the first message

  346. don’t think anyone else besides us looks at this site anymore, pimp..

  347. Hi everybody!

    We are – finally – back and updating the clansite! Isn’t that great? 😛

    The question is simply what to do first? It’s been a very long time so I don’t know what we need to change (hint: let us know what you think needs to be updated – thank you) BTW: all ideas for new items are welcome!

    To Pimp: give us the current FC’s from who wants to try to join us.
    We (W007Y & ZERA) have added you yesterday using the FC you send us in your previous e-mail.

    スョRム & W007Y

  348. Recent updates:

    – Deleted the “Nickelback Rockstar (Unsensored)”-page
    under “PAGES”.
    – Deleted the “Within Temptation”-page under “PAGES”.
    – Deleted the “The Press Corpse – Anti-flag”-page under “PAGES”.
     You can still find these videoclips in “ョNィョRィム!NMョNィ”.
    – Updated our traitorlist under “DョムR イRム !イ0RS”.
    – Deleted the link to “Midnight’s blog” because it has nothing to do with HOD, Metroid Prime Hunters or any other game we use.
    – Approved a series of comments posted by visitors under various post on this site.

  349. falken add meeeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!4124-6351-5110

  350. We (スョRム, W007Y & GORョム) will be on holiday for about 2 weeks starting from tomorrow. (So we won’t be able to come online on MPH or any other HOD-Game untill we return).

    See you all in about two weeks!

  351. Fijne vakantie gehad? Hope so. Zal wel. Vakantie is toch altijd leuk, niet. Nog eens een dikke proficiat, Dieter, met je afstuderen! Heel veel succes in je hogere studies en veel groetjes


    PS Fantastisch, toch, dat jullie hier nog doorgaan …

  352. Waar is iedereen? er bij u op vakantie voor 3 weken!
    (thanks to google translator..)
    cmoooon im the only one of you guys ever on. someone answer please

  353. Wow … we haven’t been here for a while (!)

    We hope to see you all in Metroid again (we were there from times to times, but u weren’t there at those moments apparently).
    We’ll update the site later. (We haven’t got much time now)

    スョRム & W007Y

  354. Hey guys I totally got permanantly banned from gamefaqs so if any of you guys want to loan me an account that would sure be terrific. But uhhh…. in recent news I got an msn so add me I guess

    jon.is.awsome@hotmail.com (awsome not awesome)

  355. Hey Guys 😀

    I do play again lately and I need to talk to Falken on mph 😀

    I hope to see you all on mph

  356. Im back on after my router was fried so maybe ill see you lot again sometime- though it will probably be at around 11-12 belgium time.

  357. That’s great ^^ I haven’t been playing for a long time. But recently I’ve played a few Survivor matches with W007Y and GORョム offline and I must say I still got the moves xD haha …


  358. Yh Zera… You rock xD … and how!
    Falken, see you on metroid 😀

  359. dick taco.

  360. great comment pimp xD

    I miss this game.. I only have good memories of it
    I would just log on right now but I lost my mph card :S
    I can’t seem to find it at all…

  361. Hello to anyone still alive out there!
    I’ve refound my card after amy “lost” it so i perhaps might see some of you again sometime.

  362. Perhaps… But I still can’t find mine…

  363. My router decided to not let me connect to metroid online anymore, hmm.. Unless the server is dead or something?

  364. Server isn’t dead.. 😛 But I still didn’t manage to find my mph-game… I might buy a new one in the holidays and play it again from times to times

  365. Ummm…I never found mine sence 2008 or I think it was 2099 lol

  366. Hi y’all

    How are you guys doing? I found my mph game… finaly 😛 And I started playing again. It’s really nice, it brings back a lot of memories 😀

    So if some of you guys are still out there, why not connect to wifi from times to times to play a match 😀


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